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Digital marketing & management consulting servicesDigital marketing & management consulting servicesDigital marketing & management consulting servicesDigital marketing & management consulting services

We Are A Digital
Marketing Agency & Sales and Marketing Software Provider For Companies That Want Results, Not Hype

We are a ROI-Driven Digital Marketing Agency & Sales and Marketing Software Provider exclusively for the Healthcare, Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, Business Services, Finance, Home Services, Automotive, & Luxury Goods Industries.

If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Agency that will help you market your products and services to anybody and everybody, then we are not the firm for you. Please call our competitors. But . . .

If you want to sell more high-priced products and services at premium prices to Affluent Consumers & Business Decision Makers, we are the only Digital Marketing Agency and Sales and Marketing Software Provider that has engineered a proven system to help you do just that.

Our Rapid Dominance Marketing System is a methodology designed to help midsize companies and small businesses with sales over $650,000 a year to sell and market their products and services to Affluent, Mass Affluent, Ultra Affluent, and Business Decision Makers.

I like to call this group the “Money Tribe.”

By using our unique and highly successful system, we generate leads, patients, sales, and repeat business through the Internet and Direct Response Marketing on a guaranteed performance basis, which means cost per lead, pay per call, pay per appointment, and pay per qualified sales opportunity.

Simply put: We make money when you make money.

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Automotive Marketing
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I appreciate the follow up and I do have to say that Sam’s webinar was probably the best that I have viewed recently. Usually I feel as though I have wasted time however Sam keeps a person’s attention and the details are very helpful.
— Andrew Sabatuk, Vice President Sales – Communications Data Group

Again, great videos and system. One major complaint from my biggest client is the poor results and follow up from their salesman, who consistently have little show. I have been looking for a *be all/end all* solution to cutting these lazy folk out of the loop entirely when we are looking for RESULTS from these sales leads, mainly making them “hosts of the booth” rather than lead generating machines we want them to perform like. Your system is *the machine*. — Jason McSweeney -President -Dream Ink


Digital marketing agency ceo Samuel Salter
Samuel Salter II, CEO
Chief Digital Marketer
& Management Consultant

How We Do It

The Rapid Dominance Marketing System is based on 11 important principles and five key areas that an executive team should focus on every day to achieve maximum business growth.

Every Digital Marketing Service and piece of software we offer falls into one of these areas:

5 Key Areas You Need
To Focus On In Order
To Dominate Your
Market & Grow

GenerateGenerate: To grow your business quickly and efficiently, you need to generate a large volume of leads.

Follow-up: Most businesses do not follow up with prospective customers, patients, or current clients. Perhaps 85% of leads and inquiries generated receive no follow-up communication. How much would your revenue increase if your sales staff followed up on every single inquiry?

RelateRelate: Strong customer and patient relationships always translates into a better experience for the customer and more revenue for your company.

ConvertConvert: Sales don’t happen by accident. You must have a highly organized sales process in place to convert inquiries into paying patients, clients, and customers. Every step of the customer experience has to be carefully choreographed.

GrowGrow: Beyond new patient and customer acquisition, you must focus on getting the business to grow on autopilot without expending your resources. Several key factors, such as a strong and compelling story and effective customer retention & loss programs, need to be in place to ensure and accelerate viral growth.

Generate followup convert & grow
Growth rapid dominance marketing

Latest digital marketing tactics to drive business
Latest digital marketing tactics

We Use The Latest Digital Marketing Tactics To Drive Business To You

We use the latest digital marketing tactics to drive business to you, including Sales and Marketing Automation, Mobile, Online Video, Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Google PPC, Content Marketing, Websites Designed To Sell, Internet Display Advertising, and Inbound Marketing.

We even use some old-school tactics as well, such as Direct Mail and Inside Sales Teams.

We don’t just build a website or write an ad for you.

We actually focus on helping you build a digital business.

Unlike traditional advertising agencies and Digital Marketing Agencies, when you work with us, you don’t pay for clicks, likes, and impressions. You only pay for results.

Types Of Companies We Enjoy Working With:

We work with Owners, CEOs, Vice Presidents of Sales, and Marketing Directors of global enterprises, midsize companies with sales between $5 million and $1 billion, as well as select small businesses, such as private medical practices with $650,000 or more in sales that want to grow fast.

Since we advise our clients on how to structure their value propositions and build more value into their offerings so they can raise prices, the CEO or Owner is always part of the conversation.

We specialize in the following industries and generally work with only one company or no more than three per designated marketing area.

  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Home Services
  • Automotive
  • Luxury Goods
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Services
Types of companies we work with

Are you ready to capture dollars from the affluent
Are you ready to capture dollars from the affluent

Why Should You Target The Affluent?

You have heard this before: The divide between the haves and the have-nots is getting bigger and bigger.

According to G. William Domhoff, Professor in the Sociology Department at the University of California at Santa Cruz, in 1983 the bottom 80% of the population controlled 18.7% of the wealth in America. Today, this same group controls just 11.1%. So, if you are targeting families with a combined household income of less than $75, 000.00 it is readily apparent why it is becoming harder and harder to gain new customers.

On the other hand, the mass affluent (the managerial, professional, and small business stratum) controlled 47.5% of this country’s wealth in 1983. Today, that number is 53.5%, a full six percentage points higher.

In fact, 20% of the population controls 80% of the wealth in America.

To dominate a market, you don’t want to be found in a Google search by just anyone and everyone. You want a prospective customer to be in the top 20%.

Check To See If You Are Ready To Go Up Market And Sell Your Goods And Services At Premium Prices And Higher Margins To People And Businesses That Are Willing To Pay More.

The affluent represent a highly selective and demanding group that does not easily respond to cheesy and overused marketing messages and clichés. They are looking for value from their particular point of view.

You must have top-notch marketing and a unique message to reach them. Your selling process must be enjoyable and educating. Affluent people value relationships and being in the know.

If you would like more information on how we can help you grow your business, please call us at 215-240-1296 to schedule a free strategy session. You’ll be glad you did.

Are you ready to market to affluent consumers
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